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Design Ireland, September Savings, Health Tip and more

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Airmid Natural Irish Skincare and Design Ireland

We are delighted that we have been selected as part of Design Ireland.


This island marks our clothes and loomed wool, our clay and turned wood, our long walks and catwalks. This island is our point of view. It shapes our notions, our humor, our choices. We draw ideas from around us - from the landscape, the weather, the people. This is how our craft comes to life. This is Design Ireland.

Design Ireland is presented by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

New workshop on way

We are still organising our new workshop layout and busy with all that it involves. Keep you posted on progress!

Holistic Health Nutritionist - Aisling Fitzgibbon


Your body is 70 % water and including living water found in fruit

replenishes you.

Melons are super hydrating and support your liver to cleanse.The morning is the perfect time to include hydrating fruits like watermelon after your vegetable juice. By removing fats and oils from your breakfast you give your body the support it needs to heal and clear each day so you can feel you're very best. Aisling FitzGibbon is an Occupational Therapist by training and Holistic Nutrition Coach who helps high achieving sensitive women recover from burnout and autoimmune conditions so they can create the life they truly want. Aisling has interviewed Kevin a couple of times about our story and Airmid business. Listen here: We are delighted to be collaborating with Aisling Fitzgibbon & Richie Ros

Catch their podcast here: The Aisling & Richie Show

Richie Ros (musician/songwriter) is currently on tour in Europe and has released his debut album ODYSSEY. Listen/Buy here: Richie Ros

Shampoo Bars, Travel Packs & Beard Shampoo back in stock.

We apologies for any inconvenience when we were out of stock, we have a delay with our sustainable boxes.

In our Burren Garden

We are now slowing down in the garden and preparing for winter. Lots of drying, dehydrating and seed collecting at this time. A great time to reflect and plan for the new year.


Our solid products are TRAVEL FRIENDLY and perfect for airport, gym, pool etc . . 15% off the entire range continues for the month of September, treat yourself. Use Code: SEPTEMBERSAVINGS at checkout

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