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Perfect with our Airmid Handmade Soaps for travel, gym bag, on the go!


Green PE is a natural, innovative materialmade from up to 100 % renewable rawmaterials. It can take any shape and hardenslike plastic. Recyclable and renewable. Made in Germany, plastic free and biodegradable.


110mm x 75mm 45mm


Beech Liquid Wood soap box

  • How is Green PE made? Green PE is
    made from a waste material from sugar
    cane and corn production. Combined with
    natural resins, linen and other plant fibres,
    this creates a mass that can be injection
    moulded into virtually any shape. The
    products are melamine- and BPA-free.
    Green PE is durable, water resistant and
    has a natural wood structure. Both the
    material and the products are made in
    Germany and are recyclable.

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