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Our three organic perfume oils with Airmid signature scents.

Essential oils have the ability to alter our emotional and mental state, as well as encouraging physical reactions in the body, like increasing our energy levels, improving focus and helping us to de-stress and drift off.


Apply to pulse points throughout the day. Inhale and enjoy.


Meadow Imagine being greeted by a hundred thousand wild flowers in a spacious meadow


Cliff An invigorating walk along the cliffs with notes of ylang ylang to capture the cool ocean breeze


Forest Recalling the primeval forests of ancient Ireland with evergreen notes of pine



Perfume Oil Collection

    • Airmid Signature Blends
    • Alcohol free
    • Organic Argan & Jojoba oils
    • High essential oil concentration 
    • Pocket friendly, 10ml roll on bottles
    • FSC Certified Box Packaging, printed in Ireland.
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